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Welcome to This Life Magazine,

We are an online photography magazine that focusses on emotion, narrative and most of all storytelling. Looking to the art community we see a lot pretty images and meaningless creative pieces being showcased so we decided we wanted to change that. Starting on Instagram in 2018 we began to bring to light the creatives that chased storytelling and not just surface level imagery. As a result created this community of storytellers. We hope that by featuring artists with true narrative and emotion a new wave of creativity with meaning can be inspired. 

This website is our next step in expanding our creative mission, we hope to bring a voice to these storytellers beyond social media. We've broken down the website into different sections to allow you to gain more insight on the artists. 'Short Stories' will give you a brief overview of why the creatives do what they do, 'Interviews' are longer and more detailed looks into an artists process, intentions and values to creativity.


The future is exciting for this magazine, we aim to do more interviews and short stories as well as expand to slowly do more group discussions of creativity, videos and even a physical magazine. Stay tuned for more, Thank you and Keep Creating:)

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